story telling with pictures

Follower or not

Set your hotel or your destination in line with strategy, just as the user of the various social media channels expects.


Your Facebook followers would like to know insiders: Stories from the hotel or the destination in words and pictures (about celebrities, employees, culinary, surroundings) - "what is being talked about" - "whats new and a secret" is the motto. The photos can calmly have snapshot character, live from the action ...


The Instagram follower wants to see the experience in the hotel and / or surroundings in pictures. So no people, blurry pictures or snapshots, but impressive photos which give that "I want to go there" feeling.


Already 45% of travelers search for travel informations  on Facebook or Instagram. The study "Wellness Trends 2019" shows: often an outstanding Instagram photo more decisive for a booking than a personal recommendation or a well-kept regular guest relationship. Guests under the age of 30 use 90% Facebook and 60% Instagram for their holiday information.

Mobile Internet: Use for travel informations (RA, 2019)

a question of seconds

Every single posting is important

Pictures that touch

The left brain is responsible for the literal, such as language and logical thinking. In the right half, which processes all sensory impressions, also lays the emotion controls. There, where we process images, they trigger feelings and reactions directly. Around 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is optical impulses. These proceed 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, images, videos or interactive graphics are those communication elements that generate attention, trigger emotions and target audiences faster than text alone can.


Every interaction is important

Social media platforms are like small websites, every post, every photo stays on the net and contributes to the image formation, guest binding and booking decision - or to the opposite.


Enjoyable postings with strategy

Therefore, every post should not only entertain but should follow a concept and each picture should help to show the user a piece of h positioning and the holiday experience.


Decision in seconds

The user must be emotionally triggered quickly, feel comfortable and decide in seconds whether he wants to follow or not. If the community is treated right, a real and very loyal fan base slowly builds ups without the purchase of followers. These users are virtual guests already. The hotel or the destination comes to mind in the "first choice level", the bookings advance.

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