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Facebook, Instagram & Co: Window to your guests

Social Media Picture Set of Paan Creativ Vienna

Nothing communicates better and more sustainably than pictures with concept and strategy. Through the power of picture story, let the guests feel the experience they will have at your hotel, destination or restaurant, put them in a holiday mood, wake up desires and give them a head cinema. Impulses that trigger bookings.


A social media presentation is  - like a website - already a "must have" in tourism and gastronomy. 45% of travelers are using Facebook or Instagram as a tool for researches about their dream hotel or destination (e.g.How Germans travel, RA Reiseanalyse, 2019). The study "Wellness Trends 2019" has shown: an outstanding Instagram photo is often more decisive for a booking than a personal recommendation or a well-kept guest relationship. 


Postings can make a decisive contribution to the booking. But they should not be choosen randomly, they should tell the story of the hotel - the restaurant - the destination in a kind of a living picture story again and again in different ways. In the hectic everyday hotel life, often posting on social media is something that you have to do "in between" and not much time is spent on the question: "What are we going to post today"? And that's exactly where we want to support you:  

Our offer: Let's tell your story

With the special combination of photography and marketing strategy, image conception and "from the perspective of the guest" we put in scene unique moments of experience from your hotel, destination or restaurant: unusual, authentic, experience-oriented, but with strategy according to your positioning with a high number of photos & stories for postings for 6 - 12 months.


If desired, the PAAN Social Media Picture Set also includes the content plan and you do not have to worry about anything. We prepare high-quality postings including images and storie for a wohle year and post automatically according to plan.


The photos can also be used for website, hotel brochure, morning hotelpaper, PR or other marketing measures.


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The PAAN Social Media Picture Set

Social Media Picture Set by Paan Creativ Vienna
Social Media Picture Set by Paan Creativ Vienna
Social Media Picture Set by Paan Creativ Vienna
Social Media Picture Set by Paan Creativ Vienna
Social Media Picture Set by Paan Creativ Vienna
  • Unique moments from your hotel / destination / restaurant
  • Positioning with visual communication
  • Variety of photos & picture stories for strategic postings for 6 - 12 months
  • Content plan and posting concept for 6-12 months (can also be booked separately)
  • All photos can also be used for other marketing activities
  • Concept work & photography in one
  • Flexible price packages
  • The high number of pics retell the positioning and the holiday experience over and over again
  • Operation is not disturbed during the shooting, hardly any preparations necessary

 Especially for destinations 

  • Creation of a personal travel guide "by the guest for the guest" online and in print 
  • Elaboration of the highlights: e.g. Walks and hikingtours in pictures and in words with insiders

Especially for restaurants

  • unusual food shots
  • Seasonal additions
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